Tik Tok Art Projects

by Tori (she/her)

When we’re all hunkered down in our homes, obviously we’re going to spend plenty of time uttering the phrase, “I’m bored.” There’s the usual remedies: puzzles, board games, and scrolling through social media. However, there’s many ideas that tap into your creative side that you can find right on social media itself. TikTok is a source of a variety of artsy projects that are perfect for doing during this time of social distancing. Here’s a few Tik-Tok-approved artsy projects that you can do with relatively minimal supplies.

  1. Sunshine Painting

The sunshine painting is easy, even if you aren’t an artist. All you need is a canvas (or something to paint on, although paper doesn’t usually work for this), paint, a paintbrush, and some tape (blue painting tape is best, but masking tape should work as well). Trace a circle in the center of your canvas. Use tape to surround the circle and make lines of tape coming out of the circle. Then, simply fill in the sections with the colors you desire. Wait for the paint to dry and remove the tape. The artist below did this project on a door, which is also an option.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery is becoming more trendy, but why spend all the money on a shirt with a bit of embroidery when you can do it yourself? All you’ll need is some fabric, embroidery floss or even yarn (thread of some kind), and a needle. An embroidery hoop is ideal, but you can do it without one. First, it’s best to draw dots or lines to trace out the patterns you want. There are many different kinds of stitches that you can look up, but you simply tie a knot to secure the thread (keep the needle from slipping out) and thread the needle through the fabric in the pattern that you want, going towards and away from you. There are plenty of ways to spice up your clothing using embroidery, like many TikTok users did, as shown below.

3. Tie Dye

Another great way to reinvent your wardrobe is using tie-dye! TikTok has put a bit of a twist on this by using bleach, especially for darker clothes, and it’s often something people already have at home. You need rubber bands, bleach or fabric dye, and a clothing item. Make sure that when you tie up your clothes, you use rubber bands to separate out the sections. Be very careful if using bleach! Rinse out the dye or bleach and then wash your clothing item before wearing.

4. Friendship Bracelets

This craft is a call-back to elementary school, so you probably have thread for your friendship bracelets already. All you need is some thread, tape, and scissors. There’s many different patterns that you can make. I find the easiest one to be fishtail. If you start with three different colors and fold them in half, tie a knot just below the fold and tape above the knot. Then, separate the strings with three colors per side (with each side mirroring the other). Then, simply do a fishtail braid. To do that, take the outermost string on the right side and put it on the inside of the left side. Put the outermost string on the left side on the inside of the right side. Then, pull tight. Continue this pattern until you have the length of bracelet you want. Finally, tie two knots at the bottom to secure the bracelet.

There are so many great ways to switch up your clothes or just make some unique art for yourself (or to send to friends). So put those hours spent on Tik Tok to use and go create!

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