The Lost Parts

Updated: Apr 16

by Sophie (she/her)

I push a cold clanking shovel into the ground And dig Chipping away at an enigmatic scarlet stone But - But I am halted By a slow sunlight that fills and envelops my core And whispers listen.

And what I find As I listen Is the symphony of a jewel-winged bird Calling my name I am here. real And overflowing with the color of sunlight

And the space between stars Is just a shadow Being cast by a bright Brilliant Breathtaking Being

That fills the stone well deep Inside the cavern Of my chest

And my heart blooms from a seed And I grow into something I never thought could be real and

I am dancing On the stars And between them The shadows wink And smile For they are merely hiding beauty And they whisper to me In the darkest of times

To find the light And to listen to the birds.

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