Surviving The "New Normal"

By Renata Relyea (she/her)

We are all in a state of a new “normal” and it is not always comfortable. It is ok to experience your feelings about this and not push them away. Remember, this is a common experience and many feel the same way as you do as this is a completely new situation for everyone. So, knowing that, practice self-compassion and kindness to yourself.

Here are some other things to think about and notice:

Take a digital diet and step away from all of the media and news.

  • We are being bombarded with information right now and it is ok to step away from it for your mental health.

Focus on what you can control

  • What you watch on tv and social media

  • What you eat

  • How you interact with others

  • How much you exercise and move

Social distancing is actually Physical Distancing.

  • You can socially connect with others and many are making it fun through phones!

  • People are starting book clubs, exercising together and having lunch together online!

Notice what you took for granted before

  • This is a time where you can really have a moment of appreciation of all the things we took for granted.

  • This really amplifies a sense of gratitude for me and I focus on what I am grateful for every single day.

  • Think about what you actually want to keep from what we all referred to as normal before this.

  • I have been very reflective about this and I’ve realized I don’t need or want certain things anymore in my life and this experience has taught me this.

  • This gives a great window into what is truly important in our lives and what is not.

Notice how people all over are helping each other right now.

  • I am in awe of the kindness being shown to each other and that is absolutely amazing!

  • Notice how people are rediscovering the importance of sunshine, fresh air and nature in general.

Nature is very healing for us and we have some opportunities to really enjoy it.

Remember, practice purposeful breathing every day. It is very helpful during a time like this. Always remember to reach out when you need someone. We all need connection and now is the time to ask for help when you need it. For help practicing purposeful breathing, view my mindfulness video under Your Resources.

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