Sometimes It’s Easy To Be Mindful

by Mason (he/they)

Bow-wow jingle bell tunes in April,

Cantored by remote children

Surprisingly sonorous for Prospect Park,

They lead my mind to childhood and home--

Holidays last fall, this fall.

Perched on a trunk,

Thick with gravity that seems to

Push me upwards,

It gives me an aerie eye.

And my back rests against

A tall, lithely tree.

Fledgling in its robustness,

It gently sways with the

Rhythm of my back.

An air I cherish.

Why is it sometimes easy to be mindful?

It shows its face with

Unclenched jaws and heavy feet

And a numb mind.

But numb like when I see a

Content cat curled up on a velvet couch.

Or numb like when time fleets and

My lungs inhale with the

Melody of my mom’s and her mattress.

Is it easy to be mindful?

This unexpected bliss,

An imperturbable numbness

That heightens sensations and touch and

Weight and gravity.

While sure, everything around me


I fall home.

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