In the time of quarantine…

By Maryam (she/her)

Without the routine, we are all suspended in a seemingly infinite blip of time

We are living history, but we never wanted to

History makes us watch the numbers go ever higher

Until we are numb from the grief and pain that is happening

Somewhere else, to someone else

History makes us sit at home, and scroll and scroll

Until the screens are the disease

History makes us wait in anxiety for when it won’t be

Somewhere else, or someone else

We are living history,

And we can only hope that history will turn out better than we think

For there is hope

There are people shouting and singing from their balconies and rooftops

There are people who risk their lives for all of us, for whom it never is

Somewhere else, or someone else

It is too easy to drown in the numbers and believe the world is ending

But it is worth far more to hold on to hope for the other side

Because it will get better

It has too.

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