Good News During Uncertain Times

Updated: Apr 14

By Kate (she/her)

During this time of unprecedented challenges, we wanted to remind you the world continues to be beautiful and amazing.  Here are our good news stories of the week - enjoy!

Nearly 100 baby sea turtles hatched on a deserted beach in Brazil.  Government workers recorded 97 of the endangered turtles made their way to the Atlantic Ocean shortly after they were born.

Scientists announced they have discovered a type of bacteria that eats toxic plastic.  This plastic typically cannot be recycled and goes to landfills. Scientists hope to develop ways to use the bacterium on large scale projects to dispose of plastic. 

During this stressful time, many people are looking for ways to relieve their stress. Pets are known to decrease stress and scientists have documented that pets can reduce blood pressure. Over the past few weeks, animal shelters around the country have reported an increase in foster and adoption applications. For many, there’s no better time to adopt a new furry friend then when they are at home to cuddle with them all day.

Since Disneyland in California has temporarily closed due to COVID-19, the park’s food will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. This food will help to feed many families struggling with food insecurity during this uncertain time. Across the country, several other amusement parks are engaged in similar efforts.

It’s no secret that health care providers are working around the clock. Many workers have a long commute and worry about exposing their families to the coronavirus. Major hotel chains have announced they will make their rooms available for free to heath care workers, allowing them to be closer to the hospital and keep their families safe. This includes the famously luxurious Four Seasons hotel in midtown New York City.

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